Crafter is a member of The DW's Club .

Some attributes
First Real Name: Joseph
Second Age: Unknown
Third Lives: Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Subscribers: 8
Fifth Also Known As: thecrafter287, the Crafter
Sixth Member in: 2013

Contacts in the club: DW


Crafter started Youtube in Apr 2013 with a  trolling video (not in any game) he later started to play Minecraft and Happy Wheels. He also played games with his bro such as playnba2k13. He was one one of the first members in The DW's club but left due to problems with Dirt

He Joined in the new DW's club.

Games on his channel


Happy Wheels 

Sumotori Dreams


stick em up 2

Minecraft Hexxit 


"Hello guys"

"and welcome back to"


His youtube

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