Lewis is unofficial member and ex-member of  The DW's Club  who said that he will do the thumbnails.

Some attributes
First Real Name: Lewis
Second Age: Unknown
Third Lives: Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Subscribers: N/A
Fifth Also Known As: Spectro legacy, Spectro, Staffy Boii, Staffy
Sixth Member in: 2013

Contacts in the club: DW


Lewis is a friend of mainly DW. They both started as CrazyCorre11 in 2011 but lost the password, he joined The DW's Club as an Unofficial member and they recreated CCW (CrazyCorre11).

The Vote

There was two votes to diside is Lewis shoud be part of the group here what the curent members (at the time) said

DW -No

Blak Ops -N/A (due to him not being in the skipe group)





Dumbster- didn't vote


Mr Money-yes



Due to this problem and that there was too meny members and no work. DW said that that anyone who has help so fair would be official member the rest would be unofficial intil they did something to help.

Since the vote DW and Lewis became friends agan.


"Da Camera Movement"

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