UKGP or UK Gaming Planet is a Group founded by Dumbster and Utimate.


Ukgp was officially formed in 2012 between two old friends, Thedumbster and Utimatespudnick (Aka Ultimatepk13). It was disbanded by a member who was dead set upon destroying the main channel and TheDumbsters reputation as a Youtuber.

In 2013 UtimateSpudnick started to ask around with some of the old members if they would ever rejoin. Getting a good response he then, along with help from TheDumbster reastablished the current UKGP. Now known as "UKGPReturns!". The Group later ended with no uploads and formed with DW's Club and Dirt's Clan to make TheDDD but Danshaw and Utimate didn't want to be apart

Members (before theddd)Edit

Utimatespudnick (admin)

TheDumbster (admin)





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